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    2015 Winter Term Colloquium Speakers:

    **There will now be snacks and tea prior to the talk.  Come to CH S17 a few minutes early to socialize.**  

    Colloquium is in Cramer Hall S17 at 3:30pm, all are welcome to attend. Please email boothad (at) for additional info, or if you would like to meet with any of the speakers.


    1/14     Max Rudolph (PSU Geology,

    "Mantle Matters"


    1/28     Nancy Price (PSU Geology,

    "What happened to the minerals in that deformed rock?"


    2/11 (12:00 pm)     Eldon Gath (Earth Consultants International – Richard Jahns Lecturer,

    "Active faulting and Beverly Hills High School: An unexpected journey into geo-ethics"


    2/11 (3:30 pm)     Rebecca Bendick (University of Montana - GeoPRISMS distinguished lecturer,

    "Constraints on Lithospheric Mechanics or Tectonic Dynamics from Surface Deformation" 


    2/18     Patrick McAndless, P. Geo, FGC, (

    “A Career in geoscience: Getting discovered”


    2/25     Dick Iverson (USGS - Cascades Volcano observatory,

    Dynamics of the disastrous 2014 Oso landslide”


    3/9 (Monday - 3:30pm)     Tanya Atwater (UC Santa Barbara,

    “Plate tectonic history of the Pacific – North American margin”


    3/11     Josh Roering (University of Oregon - GeoPRISMS distinguished lecturer,


    "The evolution of mountainous landscapes: Modern and paleo perspectives on the role of climate"


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