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    Dept. of Geology
    Portland State University
    --------- Wednesdays, 3:30 pm Cramer Hall S17 --------


    April 8 “Investigating paleoproxies using experiments and
    crystal growth models”

    James Watkins, University of Oregon

    April 22 “The role of magma and fluids in continental rifting”
    James Muirhead, University of Idaho

    April 29 “Volcano hazard forecasting – an integrated approach;
    examples from the ongoing eruption of Sinabung
    volcano, Indonesia”

    Heather Wright, Cascades Volcano Observatory

    May 13 “What’s beneath a batholith? Deep magmatic processes
    from the Sierra Valle Fértil fossil arc complex,
    northern Argentina”

    Barry Walker, Portland State University

    June 3 “Drilling Hotspots to unravel the ‘Mantle Wind’”
    Anthony Koppers, Oregon State University

    “Other seminar events”
    May 6 and 20 Thesis proposal presentations
    Geology MS students, Portland State University

    (For information contact: Martin Streck, 503-725-3379,


    PSU School of the Environment Seminar Series Spring 2015

    For information about these seminars, contact Max Rudolph (

    Tuesdays, 4-5 PM, Cramer Hall 53 

    March 31        Roy Haggerty                      

    “Willamette Water 2100: Anticipating Water Scarcity and Informing an Integrative Water System Response in the Pacific Northwest”

    April 7         Julia Jones                            

    Hydrologic responses to climate change: considering geographic context and alternative hypotheses

    April 14          Gordon Grant                       

    “Where’s Water?: Integrating geology with hydrology to improve predictions of future streamflows in the western US”

    April 21          Kevan Moffett                      

    “Flood-induced ecohydrological patterns and processes in coastal lowlands”  

    April 28         Alex Sifford 

    May 5  Reed Maxwell                      

    "Connections in the hydrologic cycle: how anthropogenic stresses impact feedbacks, sensitivity and sustainability"                                              

    May 12         Jennie Rice 

    “The Platform for Regional Integrated Modeling and Analysis (PRIMA) -- Exploring the Climate-Energy-Water-Land Nexus.” 

    May 19 David Hill 

    May 26           Rainer Helmig  - Darcy Lecturer

    “Evaluating the Competitive Use of the Subsurface: The Influence of Energy Storage and Production in Groundwater”

    June 2           Noah Molotch 



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