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    2014 Fall Term Colloquium Speakers:

    Colloquium is in Cramer Hall 287 at 3:30pm, all are welcome to attend.  Please email rmaxwell (at) for additional info, or if you would like to meet with any of the speakers.

    10/1          Rob McCaffrey (PSU Geology)    

    Talk title: “Great Subduction Zone Earthquakes”

    10/15        Greg Hempen (AEG Jahns Lecturer)

    10/24   Erin Pettit (University of Alaska Fairbanks) 

    Note that this seminar is on a Friday.

    "Ice Dynamics of the Antarctic Peninsula: A Split Personality" 

    10/29        Shan de Silva (OSU)

    Talk title:           “Time scales and tempos in continental arc magmatism - insights from volcanic, plutonic, and detrital records associated with magmatic flare-ups” 

    11/12        Mark Simons (Caltech)

    11/19        Brittany Erickson (PSU Math)

    12/3          Larry Mastin (USGS CVO)



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