Geology Department Graduate Certificates

Certificate in Engineering Geology
Certificate in Environmental Geology
Certificate in Hydrogeology
Certificate in Earth and Space Sciences for K-12 Educators

These certificates are designed to provide practicing professionals an opportunity to upgrade their credentials while they continue to hold their full time jobs. Certificates allow for the recognition that a student has completed a specific set of coursework and can present this as part of the person's credential.

Admission to a Graduate Certificate Program does not entail admission to any master's or doctoral program. Students admitted only to a Graduate Certificate Program are limited to 8 or fewer credits of registration per term.

Click on the following to obtain more information about the purpose, career opportunities, and course requirements for each certificate (updated 12/2/09, and pending approval by the University).

Department of Education Required Certificate Program Information

Certificate in Earth and Space Sciences for K-12 Educators:

Certificate in Engineering Geology:

Certificate in Environmental Geology:

Cerificate in Hydrogeology: